Scented world

I received a bag of clothes from a friend and when I opened them I got a waft of something foreign to my nose.  The clothes were highly scented with her laundry products.

The smell was lovely and the clothes obviously well cared for but that unfamiliar smell got me thinking about all the scents that are used around a home.

My laundry is all done with fragrance free powder or more recently with an ecoegg and I don’t use conditioner so my washing just smells freshly laundered and that is how I like it.  Although it would appear that this smell is also available in a bottle along with many more.

When we go into the supermarket we are bombarded with the latest fragrances for laundry products, but do I really want my undies to smell of a chemists interpretation of a spring meadow or Stawberry and Lily Kiss!

It doesn’t stop at laundry you can scent your home with plug-in’s, candles, sprays.  Even your car can smell of Cinnamon or Mango.

Our shampoo, bodywash, washing-up liquid and polish are all scented.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a spray of my favorite perfume and a nice body lotion as much as the next person.  But where does it end?

Are we becoming so surrounded by chemically produced scents that we can no longer remember just what real fresh laundry smells of when it has been aired on a crisp day?  After all it appears this fragrance is readily available at your local supermarket!

Some of the most wonderful smells are those that are produced naturally: freshly baked bread, coffee brewing, rain on summers day, lavender growing in a window box.  And perhaps the purest and most natural scent of all; the smell of a newborn baby.

Why not banish your fragrances to the cleaning cupboard for a few weeks while you remember and enjoy the wonderful smells all around us.

A look back with an eye to the future

The Nappy Laundry Company has had a busy 2012 with the redesign and relaunch of our website  thanks to the wonderful workings and patience of Neil from Hedley Enterprises – it is not easy trying to write copy for a website and learn basic coding with three children in tow!  But the website has proved to be a huge success and I have learnt a new skill!

We have incorporated our guest nappy showcase with great success having featured the work of the talented Morven from Kara Bumba and Sarah and Leah from A Touch of Cloth.  This slot will continue into 2013 and hopefully go from strength to strength.  We are always delighted to hear from WAHM who would be interested in being featured.

My work with Grampian Real Nappy Campaign was great fun and I met some wonderful mums-to-be and welcomed some new volunteers.  We also set up a facebook page so that advice and information can be given out between our monthly meet at Poynernook Road on the first Friday of the month.

No doubt 2013 will see a new set of challenges and lots of new cloth bums and The Nappy Laundry has a few plans that we hope to see expand and grow over the coming months.

Our first plan, although only at the initial stages, is to set up a network of mums in the Aberdeenshire, Moray and Angus area to become fluff champions, who can spread the word about The Nappy Laundry and benefit from converting mums to cloth.  Fluffy disciples you could say!

We also intend stocking more Scottish nappy bands, we sell TotsBots and have featured Kara Bumba, but we know there are a lot more independent nappy makers around Scotland and this is something we will strive towards.

And finally how could I forget that 2012 saw The Nappy Laundry receive a Green Butterfly award for helping reduce waste in Aberdeenshire.  It was wonderful to have our hard work recognised and it is thanks to all our customers that we are able to go from strength to strength.